About Dalsnes

  • Dalsnes ehf. is a holding company
  • 100% owned by Mr. Ólafur Björnsson
  • The main investments are Wholesaling companies in the Food industry in the Nordic region, real estate and real estate companies
  • CEO: Ólafur Björnsson

For further information please contact: Elín Ólafsdóttir, Finance manager, eo@dalsnes.is, tel: +354 660 4007

The companies

Innnes ehf.  (www.innnes.is) is a leading importer and wholesaler of foods and confectioneries in Iceland, both for retail and catering.  The company also operates a service department which rents out and services coffee machines and drinking solutions to businesses.

Vinnes ehf. was an importer and wholesaler of wine, spirits and beers and was 100% owned by Dalsnes. Vinnes has now been merged into Innnes ehf.

Lindarvatn ehf. (www.lindarvatn.is / www.landssimareitur.is ) is a joint venture between Icelandair and Dalsnes.  A real estate company that owns, develops and rents out some of the largest real estates in Reykjavik city center.

Hvitarnes ehf. is a real estate company that is developing and building a Luxury accommodation in Iceland and abroad.

Strongest in Iceland

Dalsnes has been awarded „The strongest in Iceland“ 11 years in a row.